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03 Feb

London in a Flash: What to do when you only have a day


Planning on spending just one day in London? Sure, it’s not very long, but you’ll be able to see a lot of London’s highlights even in such a short space of time. A great way to do this is with a convenient Top Sights Tour that will ensure you’ll see the very best of London in a very short time span. Keep reading below for a few highlights you may want to experience on a quick stopover in the British capital.



Covent Garden


A really cool area, with lots of small independent shops in a former fruit-and-vegetable market.

Covent Garden actually refers to the district, but most people talking of Coven Garden are referring to the former fruit and veg market.

You can often find very talented street performers inside it – they get big audiences. But watch your belongings as pick pockets are known to operate while you watch the shows.



The London Eye 

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The London Eye, also called the Millennium Wheel, was initially erected as a temporary structure but has been so popular it remains today.

The 30-minute revolution takes passengers on a slow ride up and around with great views of the whole city. Each capsule can hold 25 people, is air-conditioned, has a bench to sit down, along with tablets to give you interactive information about the buildings and landmarks you’ll see. At the end of the trip, there is also a 4D cinema experience which is about 5 minutes long and includes 3D images and special effects.


The Houses of Parliament


After your London Eye ride, walk or boat ride (whichever you opt for!), you’ll want to pop across the river to take in the Houses of Parliament, home to the English lawmakers and the bell known as Big Ben. This is one attraction that is easy to see from the outside.


The Mall


The Mall is a road that leads to Buckingham Palace from Trafalgar Square, and goes under the famous Admiralty Arch.

This is a famous road, and if you have ever seen a royal public display (such as royal weddings and more) then you will have seen this road. The London Marathon also finishes here every year. It is closed to traffic on Sundays.






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Tower of London

Take a tour with one of the Yeoman Warders around the Tower of London, one of the world’s most famous buildings. Discover its 900-year history as a royal palace, prison and place of execution, arsenal, jewel house and zoo! Gaze up at the White Tower, tiptoe through a medieval king’s bedchamber and marvel at the Crown Jewels.















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