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Who We Are

Our History

Our founder has travelled all over the globe and wanted to bring all the best parts of the tours that he experienced to the Emirates. Top Sights Tours is a new company, founded in 2017. Our team are from all over the world and have a deep love for the travelling 


A Unique Experience : Emirates Walking Tours

Our tour guide will show you the sights and giving you a good idea of the history, culture and legends of the Emirates including the magnificent city of Dubai. Experience the best of Emirates Walking Tours with us


A Comprehensive View of the Emirates

Walk with our guides through the streets of the best cities in the Emirates.

The Emirates have a rich history that will be shown and explained to you and your family on a Top Sights Emirates tour.


Driven by Service : UAE Tours

We understand what going on holiday is all about. We have been there ourselves and know what works and doesn’t work for tourists. You are at the forefront of everything we do.


We Care

If you need any help, advice, tips, advice when in the UAE, we are happy to help. Please contact us if you need our advice or help.

Our UAE Tour Guides will look after you on the day!