Chinatown boasts buildings and streets decorated with Chinese symbols such as dragons and lanterns. Keep an eye out for street signs, which are written in English and Chinese. Find stone lions, contemporary art sculptures and Chinese gates as you explore the area, and don’t miss Chinatown’s new fourth gate on Wardour Street: completed in 2016 and built in traditional Qing dynasty style, it is the largest Chinese gate in the country. All these impressive decorations make perfect photo opportunities and give an insight into Chinese culture and religion, particularly during seasonal celebrations.


When visiting China Town, One can’t forget the amazing food that made it famous!  Big menus are commonplace in Chinatown, but such a vast repertoire seems impossible from a galley the size of an origami boat. Cafe TPT located at21 Wardour St manages to deliver its pan-Chinese bonanza with commendable aplomb. Best bets are Cantonese staples such as succulent roast duck on rice, although we crave the Hong Kong-style ‘Tai pai tong hawker dishes’ too. If thats not your cup of tea try Joy King Lau. Often renowned as one of the more relaxed restaurants in Chinatown, and one you should head to if you have a meal with your parents or relatives in the diary. Speaking of older folk, they also have a lift installed in case you don’t feel like trekking up the stairs, and it’s a multi-storey place, so there’s a good chance you might need it. The food’s solid, and we like their dim sum and their crab – it’s messy, but worth it.


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No matter what you fancy, China town has the food and sites to satisfy everyone in your group and is am must see when visiting London